Charlottesville Squash

The Cavalier Heroes

05/25/2012 by grant | 1 Comment

In those days were the giants on the earth, and also afterwards . . . these were the heroes, who of old were players of renown -Genesis 6:4

Monday. Slow day at the CsquashB creative department. So we did what we always do in moments of doubt, we looked to a higher power and asked, “What Would Don Draper Do?”

And a voice said unto us “ditch work and go see The Avengers.” And we did. And it was good.

Let there be heroes.

Princeton vs Trinity #1s Video

05/21/2012 by grant | 0 comments

Some great squash from the CSA National Team Championships–the Potter Division final to be exact. With the overall match score at 4-3 in favor of Trinity, Todd Harrity (Princeton) and Vikram Malhotra (Trinity) squared off at the #1 position.  Michael Bello’s got the full story to go along with this video…